London Art Week

30 June - 07 July 2023

London Art Week

69 Kensington Church Street W8 4BG , United Kingdom

We are delighted to present to you our exhibition focusing on a collection of scientific paintings of birds commissioned by Europeans in India, China, and the Malay Peninsula in the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. These have been made on European and Chinese paper; some of these have been part of prominent collections, such as those of George Annesley, Viscount Valentia and Claude Martin.
A celebration of fine detail, these paintings champion accuracy in form and depiction. These studies successfully incorporate Western scientific taxonomic interests with the refined painting techniques of the highly accomplished Asian painters, thus achieving a sense of harmony between the romantic and the rational. Charming, informative, and highly decorative, these works are a valuable example of the finest Asian ornithological painting of this period.

London Art Week is the UK's pre-eminent fine arts selling event held both in galleries and online, with a flagship Summer event that embraces the Classic and Old Master auction season in London in July. The art presented - paintings, drawings, sculptures and objects of excellence - traverses all eras from antiquity to the 21st century and in 2023, for the first time, LAW also features rare books and exceptional decorative arts.

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