AURUM: Boris Aldridge, Solo Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Tiles

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26 June - 31 July 2019

AURUM: Boris Aldridge, Solo Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramic Tiles

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd. 69 Kensington Church Street , London W8 4BG , United Kingdom

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Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday 11am - 3pm

Amir Mohtashemi is very proud to present AURUM, an exceptional exhibition of tiles created by the British contemporary ceramist, artist, educator and musician, Boris Aldridge (b. 1974, Dublin). Boris Aldridge has been hand-crafting and firing unique ceramic tiles for nearly 20 years from his studio in Suffolk, UK.

Boris’s work has been inspired by Persian lusterware tiles produced in the 13th century in the town of Kashan. Boris uses a variety of techniques to decorate his wonderful creations and often paints with gold which gives rise to the shimmering lustre seen in his tiles. He also uses carving as a means of creating intricate patterns on pottery. His artwork has been influenced by the works of 20th century animators Yuri Norstein, Ub Iwerks and Max Fleischer along with his own poetry and music. Some of his ceramic tiles bear the lyrics of his own music.

Apart from his studio work, Boris has led workshops in Kashan lusterware at the School for Traditional Arts in London for the last three years and has lectured internationally. In 2016 he delivered a talk on “Reinterpreting Kashan Lustreware” at the 3rd Conference of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art in Istanbul. Boris has exhibited at the Alde Valley Spring Festival (2017, 2018, 2019) and at the Art of Islamic Pattern Exhibition in Homerton Hospital, London (2019).

AURUM, which means gold in Latin, will run at our gallery from the 26th of June – 31st July 2019. This will be the first ever solo-exhibition for Boris Aldridge.

There’s an ocean so vast in the depths of my heart, where waters run untamed and free
The currents they swirl, some run hot, some run cold
Forever controlling my dreams, while my heart sleeps
This wild sea inside of me, this wild sea won’t let me be
This wild sea inside of me, this wild sea will ever be a part of me.
- Boris Aldridge

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