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Amir mohtashemi

Amir Mohtashemi is a dealer and leading specialist in Indian and Islamic art. His experience in this field spans over 25 years and today his advice is sought by private collectors and museums worldwide.

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd is located on Kensington Church Street in London and showcases Indian and Islamic works of art with a particular interest in cross-cultural material. The gallery exhibits a range of items including paintings and miniatures, ceramics, metalwork, furniture, textiles and arms and armour. Amir strives to acquire important, rare and interesting objects which have a credible provenance.

Each year the gallery participates in prestigious art fairs namely TEFAF Maastricht and Frieze Masters London.

The gallery has sold works to major museums including:
  • Asian Civilisations Museum (Singapore)
  • Ackland Art Museum (North Carolina)
  • Indian Heritage Centre (Singapore)
  • The British Library (London)
  • Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
  • Ismaili Council for Canada (Toronto)
  • Kiran Nader Museum of Art (New Delhi)
  • Louvre (Abu Dhabi)
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)
  • Hong Kong University Museum
  • Musée Guimet (Paris)
  • Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane)
  • Musée du quai Branly (Paris)
  • Museo de Arte de Lima
  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston
  • Museum of Fine Arts Houston
  • Newark Museum (New Jersey)
  • The Sadberk Hanim Muzesi (Istanbul)
  • Victoria and Albert Museum (London)
  • The Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide)
  • Birmingham Museum of Art (Alabama)
  • The David Collection (Copenhagen)
  • The Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge)
  • Yale University Art Gallery (Connecticut)
About Icons

Some of the items we offer for sale incorporate or are made from antique elephant ivory. We are strongly against and deplore the illegal poaching of elephants, but it is important to understand that any antique items made from ivory that are offered for sale by us were created in the 19th century or earlier. At that time, ivory was a widely available material. African and Asian elephants then existed in such large numbers that their survival in the wild was not threatened. Since ancient times, ivory has been used by craftsmen as a desirable material which can be cut, carved or etched. Ivory has been used for hundreds of years to create historically and religiously significant works of art, as well as many objects of a more utilitarian nature. The value of all these objects lies in the craftsmanship applied to their creation and not in the ivory material itself.

Genuine antiques containing worked ivory can be legally sold in the UK if they comprise less than 10 per cent ivory by volume and have been registered with Defra or if they have ​been granted an exemption certificate as being of extremely high artistic, cultural or historical value. Depending on the proportion of ivory they contain all items made from ivory that we sell have either been registered with Defra or granted an exemption certificate. Should you wish to take antiques containing ivory to a country outside of the UK , ​please advise us about this before making your purchase, since different countries operate widely differing restrictions and it ​may be necessary to obtain CITES permits in advance of shipment. This is a straightforward process with which we will be happy to assist.