Amir Mohtashemi

Amir Mohtashemi, October 2017

Zoomorphic Metalwork from India

Amir Mohtashemi, March 2017


Amir Mohtashemi, March 2016


Amir Mohtashemi, March 2015


Amir Mohtashemi: Indian and Islamic works of Art

November 2012


Amir Mohtashemi: Collection of Jerusalem Pottery

"My fascination with Jerusalem pottery started 15 years ago when I purchased a few objects in small antique fairs in the UK. I realised how little credible information people had about this type of pottery and I began collecting these attractive objects and research their history.

My knowledge and understanding of this type of pottery was enhanced further by a chance encounter a few years later with two similar small pieces at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. By another stroke of luck, I came across a trade newspaper in the US which contained a small article by an Armenian-American lady which helped me in my research. This article made the connection for me between the Armenian potters of Kutahya and Jerusalem pottery.

Since then, I have tried to collect any interesting material that has appeared on the market. To date, I have managed to acquire about four hundred pieces, some of which have been presented in this catalogue. The core of the collection was exhibited in the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) for three years (2001-2004)."

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Catalogue 2007

A collection of interesting objects published to coincide with the exhibition at the Summer Olympia Fine Art and Antiques Fair, London in May 2007



Catalogue 2006